Annual Maintenance Agreement

Life is in a constant state of change, and though your Estate Planning is in place (or on track to be in place) no one can know for sure what is around the next bend. To combat this, Life Point Law is proud to present the Annual Maintenance Agreement

The Agreement affords you, the client, major features and services: 

Exclusive Access to the powerful LifePlan Organizer

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the LifePlan Organizer stores your sensitive Health, Housing, Financial, Legal, and Family documents, but that’s not all. The LifePlan Organizer enables you to create a plan for your loved ones and makes the implementation of that plan easy for them. 

Keep a Life Point Law Attorney on Retainer

Reach Out at any time to ask Legal questions or advice from our knowledgeable Attorneys. You never know when a crisis might occur, and when it does, you can trust that we will be ready to help you through it! 

Make a Minor Update across your Life Point Law legal documents

Need to make a change to your Will, Power of Attorney, Trusts, or more? With your Annual Maintenance Agreement you can have up to one adjustment made per year to those documents by giving us a call.

Subscribe to our Standard Plan

$ 500 A Year
  • Exclusive access to the LifePlan Organizer
  • Life Point Law Attorney on Retainer
  • Up to one minor adjustment per year

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