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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt…Your Family

If your estate planning documents don’t answer the right questions, you’re setting your family up for hard work, unplanned expense, and unnecessary conflict.

Some examples:

  • Does your estate plan create unexpected tax bills for your family?
  • Does your estate plan protect assets from uncovered long-term care expenses?
  • Does your plan protect you and your nest egg from bad actors if you become vulnerable in later adulthood?
  • Does your estate plan assure your minor children are cared for by the people you love and trust if you die?
  • Does your estate plan give you confidence that as you age you won’t be forced into institutional care or become a burden on your loved ones?
  • If your kids need to step up and manage your affairs as you age, does your estate plan provide the roles, guidance, and resources—the manual of instructions—to make it easy for them and allow them to live their own lives?
  • Does your estate plan proactively address the common sources of family disputes to ensure family harmony when you are gone? (HINT: Generic estate planning documents almost never address these difficult situations. Why? Every situation is unique, the laws are complex, and they vary from state to state.)

Why wonder whether your estate plan will do what you want?

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