Under Washington law, vulnerable adults such as elders and disabled individuals are able to seek a protection order just as domestic violence or family abuse victims are. Washington law does not require an individual to be completely incapacitated or disabled in order to qualify for vulnerable adult protection orders. 

The law states that valid claims can be made for anyone who is under residential or home care, those with developmental disabilities, and those for whom guardian could be appointed. A vulnerable adult protection order can be utilized in order to protect an individual from abandonment, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, exploitation (including financial), neglect, and even protection from threats of these which are made to try and influence the decisions of the individual. 

Life Point Law’s team of experienced and skilled attorneys can offer a number of services including aid in acquiring a vulnerable adult protection order, advice on powers of attorney in order to protect the individual from financial exploitation, and litigation to recover assets which were taken through exploitation, and more.

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