Healthcare Law

Healthcare Law

Few things have a larger and more profound effect on our lives than healthcare. That is why legal issues surrounding it require rapid, innovative, and cost efficient solutions in order to achieve positive outcomes whether you are a provider, a physician, or a patient. Life Point Law’s team of healthcare attorneys had a long history of practice in industry and boasts an impressive track record of positive results for our clients.


Life Point Law’s team of healthcare attorneys have substantial experience in helping physicians and hospitals navigate constantly changing and evolving regulations and legislation at both the state and federal level. We offer a number of services to hospitals including helping draft and negotiate the transactions between physicians and hospitals including professional services agreements, recruitment agreements, physician employment contracts, and provider-based physician contracts and leases, facilitating the development of ventures between physicians and hospitals, and aiding in the sale and purchase of physician practices in the Pacific Northwest.

Healthcare Entities

Life Point Law’s healthcare attorneys have extensive experience and deep familiarity with the laws and regulations which affect and govern all healthcare providers. We offer a plethora of services to our clients including the drafting and negotiation of contracts, malpractice defense, collections, structuring and organizational strategy, and all forms of litigation.

Certificate of Need Litigation

Certificate of need requirements were originally brought into existence in order to restrain healthcare costs and facilitate the coordinated development of healthcare facilities and services. While good in theory, they can often pose a formidable obstacle to expanding and improving your business, services, and/or facilities. Life Point Law’s attorneys have vast experience in representing our clients in certificate of need litigation in order to aid them in navigating these complex obstacles, allowing them to focus on growing and improving their practice rather than dealing with taxing bureaucratic regulations.

Physicians, Dentists, and Others

Deciding to pursue a career as a physician as a physician or dentist is a noble choice. While serving and improving the health and lives of others usually goes smoothly and is met with appreciation, problems can arise. Whether you are having problems collecting from a patient or insurance company, or are being accused of medical malpractice or fraud, our skilled team of healthcare attorneys is ready to assist you in litigation, settlement negotiation, and alternative dispute resolutions.

Wrongful Death

While death is a sad but inevitable occurrence in the healthcare industry, its cause can sometimes be disputed. The families of deceased patients may believe that their family member did not die due to the condition they were being treated for, but rather due to malpractice by the physician or hospital. Wrongful death cases can be extremely complicated and emotional for all parties involved, so it is important to take a clear-headed and cost effective approach in order to create an outcome which satisfies our clients. We represent both the families of patients and medical providers and physicians in wrongful death cases. Life Point Law offers representation in litigation, mediation, settlement negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution.

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare is a necessity for every person to have at some point in their lives. Most physicians, nurses, dentists, health care providers, and others, are highly trained and act with the utmost professionalism. Unfortunately, there are times when things can go wrong resulting in complications, injury, or death. In cases like these, malpractice suits often arise between the patient, or the family of the patient, and the physician/hospital. Our team of medical attorneys has a long history of both physicians/hospitals, and patients. Life Point Law offers services to our clients including malpractice litigation, settlement negotiation, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution.

Federal and State Compliance

Today’s medical industry is governed by nearly unending rules and regulations which are constantly changing due to new legislation. Life Point Law’s team of medical attorneys keeps up to date on even the most cutting edge regulatory developments as well as pending legislation which could affect our clients in the future. We’ll help you read the small print to make sure that your methods, procedures, facilities, contracts, and records comply with the most recent rules and regulations. Our team also offers representation if action is taken against you by regulatory bodies for alleged non-compliance or violations of laws and regulations. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation, mediation, settlement negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution, and would be honored to serve as your counsel.

Qui Tam Actions

Qui Tam actions serve as an important tool to protect the government from fraud in the medical field. Qui tam actions fall under the False Claims Act. Because of the size and scope of the healthcare industry in the United States, fraud cases against the government are extremely difficult to identify due to the sheer amount of medical claims be they from medicare, medicaid, tricare, etc. Because of this, the government relies on individual whistleblowers to identify and report fraud. Qui Tam actions allow an individual to sue a hospital which overcharges, charges for unnecessary procedures, or charges the government for services which were not performed. If an individual does choose to sue on behalf of the federal government, the False Claims Act states that that individual is entitled to between 10% and 30% of the money recovered by the government as a result of the whistleblower’s actions.

Life Point Law’s team of medical attorneys has extensive experience representing clients in Qui Tam actions. We know that you play a vital role in keeping the American Healthcare from becoming rife with fraud and believe that you should receive due compensation for this noble action. We offer our services to both serve as your counsel in qui tam actions, and help you ensure that you are given the reward that you deserve.

Fraud and Abuse

Although we like to think of most of those in healthcare as noble individuals, the amount of money involved in the American healthcare system means that many individuals and entities end up engaging in fraud. Whether it is charging patients for services which weren’t rendered, overcharging the government or insurance companies for medical services, or false accusations of fraud leveled against a physician or healthcare entity, having skilled legal representation is absolutely essential in fraud cases.

Life Point Law’s team of medical attorneys have a long track record of achieving positive outcomes for our clients. We represent both individuals and groups filing fraud cases, as well as physicians, individuals, and healthcare entities that are accused of fraud. We offer representation and counsel in fraud litigation, settlement negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution.

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