Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Our skilled team of attorneys draw from their extensive experience in the Pacific Northwest real estate market in order to provide in-depth counsel to property owners, lenders, and investors, as well as both local and national development firms of all sizes. We provide our clients with a comprehensive array of legal services relating to commercial and residential real estate, apartments, condominiums, land use, planning, and zoning.


Our commercial real estate team employs their widespread tax, banking, insurance, bankruptcy, corporate, and real estate knowledge in order to represent banks, insurance companies, commercial lenders, development firms, and corporate real estate owners. We can assist clients with project finance, environmental and land use issues and regulations, contract drafting and negotiations, liens, change orders, construction claims, public and private partnerships, as well as litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute methods.


Our residences are the places that we spend most of our lives. The places we come home to to rest after a day’s work. This is why getting residential real estate matters right is of the utmost importance. Life Point Law’s residential real estate attorneys understand this, and draw upon their years of experience in the Pacific Northwest real estate market to effectively serve our clients and bring them peace of mind. Our clients have included lenders, borrowers, landlords, tenants, homeowners, property sellers, property buyers, and investors. We can help with a wide range of residential real estate issues including, CC&R development, CC&R disputes, foreclosure proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, eviction proceedings, lien claims, easement disputes, and more.

Apartments and Condominiums

Legal issues regarding apartments and condominiums can be complex. That is why we have put together a team of knowledgeable attorneys to take on the difficult work to give our clients peace of mind. We offer a number of services to relating to all aspects of apartment and condominium real estate including, landowner/tenant disputes, lease review and drafting, condo conversions, eviction proceedings, HOA/property owner disputes, and more.

Land Use, Planning, and Zoning

Rules surrounding land use, planning, and zoning can be quite complicated and may vary widely upon location. Legal proceedings and the acquisition of approvals can take extensive periods of time, meaning that having an experienced retail attorney can be absolutely vital to the timely completion of any project. 

Our firm has a long history of aiding clients with land use, planning, and zoning matters in the state of Washington. We serve all types of clients including municipal entities, developers, and landowners. Life Point Law offers a wide range of services involving all kinds of land issues including condemnation litigation, eminent domain litigation, property acquisition, public/private partnership projects, rezoning negotiations, zoning enforcement, complex planning, permitting and approvals, environmental reviews, redevelopment areas, disposition and development agreements, and multi-party agreements.

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