Emergency Essential Legal Kit

If you don’t have a Will or Power of Attorney, the American Medical Association recommends acting now.

Having an experienced estate planning attorney guide you through the process is the most secure way to create legal documents that provide legal authorization along with guidance to your named agents. This is not the time to guess which documents you might need, and try to draft, execute and notarize them alone. Even small oversights can leave your documents invalid or unhelpful when crisis strikes.

This  collection of legal documents is the most essential documents you need to get started. Drafted and executed by skilled attorneys who are positioned to meet with you over the phone or in a video conference. 

Responsible planning today means the following:

  • Having appropriate documents
  • Ability to sign documents without going to the attorneys office
  • Emergency card to carry to allow quick and easy access to information
  • Easy to read instructions for agents to use when needed
  • Access to documents, emergency card, and instructions by all involved

What is in the Essential Legal Kit?

  • Simple Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Will – Advance Directive
  • HIPAA authorization
  • Emergency Wallet Card
  • Instructions to Agents

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, all consultations, signings and witnessing will be virtual (phone or video conferencing).

The Essential Legal Kit is Life Point Law’s solution to enable community members to remain safely at home while we address their urgent estate planning needs.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, many people are seeking help to set up core estate plans: wills, powers of attorney, and advance directives. On March 23, 2020, Governor Inslee issued the Stay Home – Stay Healthy Order (Shelter In-Place) making it difficult to hold in-person consultations and signing of estate planning documents a challenge, in addition to being a prohibitive safety issue, especially for older adults.  Life Point Law created the Essential Legal Kit and supporting infrastructure to address these safety concerns and the public policy that requires we do not delay “necessary action in providing relief to vulnerable populations…in the provision of estate and end of life planning.”  

The Essential Legal Kit provides a safe, rapid, high quality, and cost-efficient legal solution.

At Life Point Law, a regular planning engagement may cost between $2,500 – $17,500. However, in these times of emergency and stress, we are providing this lower-cost option: the Essential Legal Kit. This is a high-quality, attorney-reviewed set of legal documents –  streamlined for these times.

Single Person: $1,500     |     Married Couple: $2,500

Pricing includes a one-on-one consultation with an attorney, creation of these essential documents AND document execution — (Signing, witnessing, notarization). We offer convenient Virtual consultations and document execution via phone or video – so you can enjoy peace of mind from the safety of your own home.

(During your consultation, you can discuss with your attorney any additional needs you might have.
Prices subject to change if your circumstances require additional solutions from what is listed above)

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