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Will Your Plan for Retirement Succeed?

It won’t if it overlooks these key factors that nearly everyone misses.

What’s in Your Retirement Plan?​

Traditional retirement planning advice is focused on saving money and getting the right legal documents.

But, if you’re counting on your savings and your estate plan to take care of you during retirement, you’ll probably end up with a life you don’t want.

Traditional Retirement Planning

  • Accumulate a Nest Egg
  • Create Legal Documents

Health Crisis​

70% of Americans suffer a health crisis that requires them to receive Long Term Care, rehab, nursing home, or some other form of recovery assistance.

Retirement Plan Failure

  • Forced into Institutional Care
  • Money Lost to Unplanned Care Costs
  • Burden on Family

You can have a better outcome! 

Master Your Future with LifePlanning

A LifePlan gives you a coordinated blueprint for a successful retirement, one that considers the interconnected nature of all the variables in the aging equation.

A LifePlan gives you a framework for creating the kind of retirement you want, one that keeps you in the driver’s seat until the very end.

  • Know how you will pay for care as you age.
  • Avoid losing money to uncovered long-term care costs.
  • Live where you want as you age.
  • Avoid being forced into a nursing home or other institutional care.
  • Free loved ones to live their lives instead of recruiting them as unpaid caregivers.
  • Avoid becoming a burden to your family.
  • Know that your legal affairs are in order.
  • Know that the powers you grant your agents will be executed exactly as you want.
  • Leave the legacy of your choosing.
  • Show your family that aging can be done with dignity and grace.

LifePlanning Delivers:

Clarity around your choices.

Confidence in your plan.

Control over your life.

Watch this video to learn more. At the end, you will be invited to meet with us to begin your LifePlanning at a special rate.
After watching the retirement planning video, it’s normal to wonder if your plan has gaps. If you want to be certain that your retirement plan doesn’t have gaps, schedule a consultation with Life Point Law. You’ll find out  if your plan will go the distance. Meet with us now. We can help!  

LifePlanning has helped thousands of Americans overcome their biggest fears about growing old. It can help you, too!

The premise is simple.

 By planning differently now, you can have the kind of retirement you want in the future, even if your health fails.



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