Early Adopters, Raise Your Hands

If you love being first in line to try new technology, you’re in for a treat. Because you’re a valued client of Life Point Law, AgingOptions wants you to have first access to the LifePlan Organizer, the long-awaited enhanced digital archive that will be going live October 15, 2020. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with a far better deal than will be offered to the general public, including the millions of Public Television viewers who will have access to The Portal later this year.

$200 per Year or $1,000 for Life?

If you love a deal, you’ll want to jump on this special offer exclusively for Life Point Law clients. An annual subscription to The Portal gives you access to the LifePlan Organizer. The subscription price is $200 per year, but for a limited time only, AgingOptions is offering Life Point Law clients the opportunity to purchase lifetime access for just $1,000—an offer we won’t be repeating in the future. Bundle your lifetime access subscription with the legal services in Life Point Law’s Annual Maintenance Agreement for the best value.

Forever Organized + Annual Legal Updates

$ 1000 One-time fee + $300/year
  • Lifetime Access to The Portal
  • Annual Legal Updates - 1 document change per year
  • Your Attorney on Retainer

Lifetime Access to The Portal

Available only to Life Point Law Clients
$ 1000 One-time fee
  • Access to the LifePlan Organizer

Annual Maintenance Agreement

$ 500 Per-Year
  • 1 Year Access to The Portal
  • Annual Legal Updates
  • 1 Document change per year
  • Your Attorney on Retainer

The LifePlan Organizer: The World’s Most Advanced Digital Archive

You’ve heard Rajiv Nagaich talk about it for years, first as “Bye Bye Paper Files” and now as the LifePlan Organizer. Well, it’s finally here and the wait will have been worth it. The LifePlan Organizer is the nation’s most advanced online platform for managing and sharing important information about your retirement plan, including account information, professional contacts, legal documents, and more. The LifePlan Organizer is the only online platform that gives you a way to share detailed instructions for the people who will need them if you become injured, come down with an illness, or pass away. Your Portal subscription gives you access to all the power of the LifePlan Organizer.

Enjoy Concierge Upload Service

Uploading legal documents to a digital archive can be a time-consuming process. Since you’re already a client of Life Point Law, we’re going to do the heavy lifting for you and load your legal documents into the LifePlan Organizer.

Order Today!

Don’t miss this chance to get the best possible deal on the long-awaited LifePlan Organizer. Contact us now to express your interest and we will respond with additional details. 

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